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Celebrity Hair Transplants

By admin
October 5, 2011

// 3D Videos Dear Friends, Today, society weighs heavily on appearance especially in Hollywood professions. For male and female celebrities, the right hairstyle can shape careers and set the latest hairstyle trends. However, some celebrities are making headlines due to their lack of hair. Thinning and receding hairlines on young A-list actors seem to be...  read more

Laser Hair Treatments at Bishara Cosmetic Surgery using the Laser Cap

By editor
September 17, 2011

3D Animation Videos Low Level Laser Technology (LLLT) The Laser Comb using Low Level Laser Technology (LLLT) can help men and women of all ages who suffer from hair loss by emitting pulses of laser light energy to the scalp to stimulate the hair follicles and improve blood circulation in the area, encouraging hair growth...  read more

Hair Restoration Procedures

By editor
September 17, 2011

HOME Sign up for Skype Consult or Office Visit today! 3D VIDEOS // Dear Friends, Typical pattern baldness is something both men and women struggle with and we have our parents and ancestors to thank for it. Your hormones and what’s in your DNA cause baldness. Enzymes in our body react with hormones and cause...  read more

Finesteride, Propecia, Proscar Adverse event controversies

By editor
September 17, 2011

For more information regarding this article please click: Dear Friends of BCS & HR, Finesteride has been used for years to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).  One additional benefit has been the reactivation of dormant hair follicles and making miniaturized hair shafts more robust. Merck has published side effect data that includes but is...  read more

Hydration and the Body

By editor
July 5, 2010

Sign up for Skype Consult or Office Visit today!   HOME   3D VIDEOS     Hydration and the Body The human body makes up 60-70% of our body weight. Keeping our bodies well hydrated plays a crucial role in our health and well being. Water washes through our organs to bring nutrients to cells...  read more

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