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Ultherapy: Extreme Results Without Surgery to Remove Facial Wrinkles!

By editor
September 11, 2017

If you are looking to tighten the skin on your neck, under your chin, or around the eyebrow, but surgery is too extreme of an option for you, look no further than Ultherapy! This non-invasive procedure is the only one that is FDA-cleared to lift and tighten the skin naturally- without surgery or downtime- in...  read more

Botox for Beginners

By editor
September 8, 2017

come to us for your first botox experience! Botox newbies: I know you’ve probably heard about it. And I know you may already have an impression of what Botox can do- and how it can sometimes backfire, turning an otherwise expressive face into a plastic mannequin that screams I JUST GOT BOTOX. This is not...  read more

Geneveve in North Texas has arrived!

By editor
July 26, 2017

  Meet GENEVEVE!! Time to feel sensational again! Geneveve, a treatment for vaginal rejuvenation has arrived to The Paragon Plastic Surgery and Med Spa! It is non-surgical and best part about it, there is no down time! Many women have a loose vaginal feeling after childbirth or menopause. Many are to shy to speak up...  read more

Geneveve in Mansfield and Southlake Texas

By editor
July 26, 2017

    A woman’s body goes through a variety of changes during her lifetime, and over the years, the collagen fibers in the vaginal lining can start to decline. Coupled with pregnancy, childbirth, the normal aging process, and inherited genetic disposition, these changes may become more pronounced. As the production of collagen slows, the vaginal...  read more

Geneveve by Viveve versus ThermiVa

By editor
July 26, 2017

  Welcome Geneveve!! Let the Paragon Plastic Surgery and Med Spa introduce you to Geneveve! Geneveve by Viveve has been clinically proven to rejuvenate the vaginal tissue in one session. Vaginal Laxity is quite common in many women especially those that have undergone through vaginal childbirth. Geneveve can also help with urinary incontinence. Vaginal tissue...  read more

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