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Low Level Light Technology for Hair Restoration

Capillus Laser Cap

By editor
August 3, 2015

Laser Hair Therapy At the Paragon Plastic Surgery and Med Spa, we are pleased to offer the most advanced and comprehensive laser treatments available for improving the appearance of your skin and hair. Laser hair therapy is just one of our most popular aesthetic laser treatments, and we are excited to share this technology with...  read more

Am I a Candidate for a Robotic Hair Transplant

By editor
February 17, 2015

Most people are a candidate for hair transplant surgery. However, in order to properly determine your candidacy for the procedure, an ARTAS physician will need to consider various factors, including age, family history of hair loss, current and projected future hair loss pattern (area of baldness), donor characteristics (laxity and density), and whether or not...  read more

What is Hair Restoration?

By editor
January 22, 2015

WHAT IS HAIR RESTORATION? Hair restoration includes the surgical and non-surgical methods used to counteract or slow symptoms of hair loss in men and women. Methods may be used individually or in combination to produce the desired results depending on a person's needs. Finding the right hair restoration solution can be difficult. It's an important decision...  read more

When Your Scalp Problems Lead to Hair Loss

By editor
December 30, 2014

If your scalp issues become severe and uncontrollable, they can lead to hair thinning and hair loss, which require more serious intervention.  The most common cause of hair loss in women is Androgenetic Alopecia.  Certain hair shafts have more enzymes that break down testosterone to DHT, which attacks the hair follicles and results in hair...  read more

6 Ways to Thicken and Lengthen Your Hair

By editor
November 25, 2014

LaserCap® in Elle Magazine Small enough to hide under any Eugenia Kim beret, the diode-laced LaserCap delivers a low-level laser light proven to increase the cellular energy produced in mitochondria, enhancing growth.  "It's virtually identical to the treatments we used to give in the office using a $100,000 machine," Bauman says of the effective (but...  read more

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