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Robotic Hair Restoration

Facial Hair Transplantation FAQ'S

By editor
August 25, 2015

Beard Envy? Beards are in! If you find yourself having beard envy, hair transplantation surgery may be the answer! An increasing number of men are embracing facial hair and beards as it is a global craze and seen as a sign of masculinity. According to DNA Info website, recent reports say the Beard Transplantation Procedure has...  read more

ARTAS Hair Studio Increases the Amount of Hair Transplanted

By editor
August 18, 2015

Recently, Restoration Robotics launched  ARTAS Hair Studio.  This state of the art product allows the patient and surgeon plan and produce a simulation of a possible outcome.  Although this product has some limitations to the realistic look of the transplanted hair, it does allow for a formal interaction between the surgeon and the patient that...  read more

Robotic Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplant Questions

By editor
August 6, 2015

How many hairs come out of a graft area? The number of hair ranges from one hair to four hair for each graft. We have an advantage by using a robot to select only two hair grafts if we need to provide more density. On the other hand single hair grafts are very important for...  read more

Robotic Follicular Unit Graft Selection In North Texas by Dr. Mark A. Bishara

By editor
August 6, 2015

Surrounding Areas Dr. Mak A Bishara, M.D. P.A. performs robotic follicular unit graft selection for residents living around Mansfield, Southlake, Dallas, Arlington, Fort Worth, and surrounding the DFW area in North Texas. Importance of Robotic Follicular Unit Graft Selection Robotic follicular unit graft selection is important during hair restoration surgery because the surgeon can select...  read more

Creating Graft Sites for Hair Transplant using ARTAS Robot in Dallas, Fort Worth, & Mansfield

By editor
August 4, 2015

Hair transplantation can be a divided into 4 phases when using the ARTAS robot: 1. Graft Dissection 2. Recipient Site Creation 3. Extraction 4. Implantation The latest advancement in robotic hair transplantation that has been successfully achieved and FDA cleared  is recipient site creation for subsequent manual implantation of the harvested follicles.   ARTAS Site...  read more

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