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Generation X Leads Boomers in Cosmetic Surgery Procedures in Mansfield, TX and Arlington TX

December 6, 2011

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A slow economy hasn’t phased the anti-aging industry especially in Mansfield, Texas. Last year, Americans spent well over $10.1 billion on cosmetic procedures, and the age group leading the trend was not the 78-million Baby Boomers generation, but Generation X.

Adults between the ages of 31 and 45 accounted for 43% of all cosmetic procedures in 2010, while the Baby Boomers ages 51-64 made up only 28%. Researchers credit television commercials, magazine ads, and literature in dermatologist offices, and spas frequently featuring information on new less-invasive cosmetic procedures. Another big factor is that technology has  improved over the last 10 years providing emphasis on patient safety.


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