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12 Things To Do BEFORE Breast Augmentation Surgery!

By editor
September 29, 2015

"so fresh and so clean clean" Clean your house and tidy up before having your breast augmentation surgery with Mark A. Bishara, M.D. P.A. and his staff at The Paragon Plastic Surgery and Med Spa because we will be joining you for dinner! No, we won't be joining you for dinner (unless you insist). We...  read more

Understanding Why Women Get Breast Implants

By editor
February 27, 2015

WHY DO WOMEN UNDERGO BREAST AUGMENTATION SURGERY? Most women seek breast augmentation for more than one reason. In fact, most women cite several reasons. The overwhelming majority of women cite the desire to look better both naked and clothed as reasons to undergo breast augmentation, while many simply desire to have larger breasts. Confidence and...  read more

Breast Augmentation Facts

By editor
October 7, 2014

Breast augmentation, also called augmentation mammaplasty, involves surgical placement of an implant behind each breast to increase its volume and enhance its shape. Often, after weight loss, childbirth, or as a result of aging, the breasts lose volume and their shape changes. Also, many women choose to have their breasts enlarged in order to satisfy...  read more

Mommy Makeover

By editor
August 20, 2014

You might consider a mommy makeover cosmetic surgery procedure if pregnancy or childbirth has reduced the fullness of your breasts, or caused sagging of the breasts, and left you with sagging skin in your midsection.  We provide a mommy makeover procedure for you moms out there who have these issues. Goals of Mommy Makeover The...  read more

Breast Augmentation Questions Answered

By editor
July 2, 2014

Is it normal to have different-sized breasts? Breasts are sisters, not twins. There’s no such thing as perfectly identical breasts. Most women have breasts that are slightly different sizes. In consultations, when women look at dozens of before-and-after photos, they are surprised and relieved to see that they are not the only ones with different-sized...  read more

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