Who is a candidate for Breast Augmentation?

When thinking about a Breast Augmentation the ideal candidate must be over the age of 18. The patient should also be in good health and have reasonable expectations for their Breast Augmentation surgery.  Women that are breast feeding or who have been pregnant in the last 3 months are not ideal candidates.

Should i be at an ideal weight for a Breast Augmentation?

A stable weight is highly recommended when opting to a Breast Augmentation. Weight loss after a Breast Augmentation can alter the results and can be unsatisfying. Weight gain can cause a significant increase in breast size.

Can pregnancy affect my Breast Augmentation?

Typically after a pregnancy women can experience some sagging and deflation after a Breast Augmentation. It can cause a significant change in size and appearance in general.

Will a Breast Augmentation interfere with breast feeding?

In comparison with non- breast augmented women, when having a breast augmentation there is a higher risk of lactation insufficiency.

Should i wait until I’m done have children for a Breast Augmentation?

If breast augmentation is something you have been looking into doing you don’t necessarily have to wait. Many women have done a Breast Augmentation before having children. Although if you planning on becoming pregnant within a year or two after surgery, the breast augmentation is recommended to be postponed after the surgery.

Can having a  Breast Augmentation cause stretch marks?

When inserting implants their could be some stretch marks but its not very common. You can minimize the risk of stretch marks by going with a moderate size implant.

Will my chest be wrapped my after Breast Augmentation?

After breast augmentation surgery you will leave the office with an ace wrap and and a fluff dressing that can be removed after 2 days when a shower is necessary.  After showering, Dr Mark Bishara recommends using a post-surgical compression bra.  Dr Mark Bishara does not recommend under wire bra for 3 months after surgery.

What bra should i use after my Breast Augmentation?

Following your breast augmentation surgery you want to avoid under wire bras for 3 months. You want to make sure to wear a soft comfortable bra, a bra strap on the top of the bra, or a sports bra that can be worn regularly or rolled up to place downward pressure on the breasts.  This facilitates the “dropping” process that occurs between months 2-10.

Where to find a good doctor for my Breast Augmentation?

Finding a good cosmetic surgeon can be quite difficult, results vary even amongst the most season cosmetic breast surgeons…but i’ll help you out a bit. Dr. Mark A. Bishara at the Paragon Plastic Surgery is a fantastic surgeon! Dr. Mark A. Bishara has done hundreds of Breast Augmentation surgeries, and the results are just phenomenal!



Ever debate whether to do a cosmetic procedure but nervous on what the result will be like? Let me introduce you to VECTRA 3D! VECTRA 3D was designed to help not only doctors but also the patients when discussing expecting results on their cosmetic procedure.

What is VECTRA 3D?

The VECTRA 3D simulator was developed by Canfield Imaging Systems with the purpose of giving the patient and doctors a better visualization on expected results of the procedure the patient has in mind of doing.

How exactly does the Vectra 3D work?

What the VECTRA 3D does is capture 3D photographs of the patient when coming in to the Paragon Plastic Surgery and Med Spa. The three dimensional photographs are taken at different points of views in order to create a virtual model of the patient.

How are the VECTRA 3d photos used?

Using the 6 still shot photographs the VECTRA 3D has taken a 3D model is automatically created.  It will be used as “before” photos. The VECTRA 3D will then display the patients own virtual model on the monitor. The model can be maneuvered on the screen giving Dr. Mark A. Bishara the ability to virtually enhance  the area in the body the patient desires. Dr. Mark A. Bishara can easily enhance the breast changing the size and shape, as well as facial features. He can show an image of the face being tightened, smoothed and resized! Fascinating huh?


Unfortunately no, the purpose of the VECTRA 3D is to help the patients determine and express the results they anticipate. During consultation and reviewing your medical history Dr. Mark A. Bishara will then determine if you are indeed a good candidate.

How accurate are VECTRA 3D images to actual results?

Results may be very similar to the simualtions. Vectra 3D simulations are based on the surgical techniques Dr. Mark A. Bishara uses during the surgical procedure.

Where to get more information on VECTRA 3D imaging?



18th Century

In 1895, surgeon Vincenz Czerny was responsible for the earliest breast implant emplacement. He used the patient’s loose connective tissue from a benign lumbar lipoma, to repair the asymmetry of the breast where he had removed the tumor.

19th Century

Morton I. Berson, in 1945, and Jacques Maliniac, in 1950, each performed flap-based breast augmentations by rotating the patient’s chest wall tissue into the breast to increase its volume.

In the 1950’s, polyurethane, cartilage, wood and even glass balls, were all tried as breast implants. In addition, doctors started inserting sponge implants into women’s breasts. The sponge technique worked well at first, but did not last – the sponges soon shrank, and became “hard as baseballs” says Biggs.
In 1961, the American plastic surgeons Thomas Cronin and Frank Gerow, and the Dow Corning Corporation, developed the first silicone breast prosthesis, filled with silicone gel. “Frank Gerow squeezed a plastic blood bag and remarked how much it felt like a woman’s breast,” says Teresa Riordan, author of Inventing Beauty: A History of the Innovations that have Made Us Beautiful.”And he had this ‘Aha!’ moment, where he first conceived of the silicone breast implant.”

1st Silicone Breast Implant

It was spring 1962 when Timmie Jean Lindsey, a mother-of-six lay down on the operating table at Jefferson Davis hospital in Houston, Texas. Over the next two hours, she went from a B to a C cup, in an operation that made history. Lindsey went to the hospital that day to get a tattoo removed from her breasts, and it was then that doctors asked if she would consider volunteering for this first-of-its-kind operation. Fifty years later Timmie Jean Lindsey remains delighted with the results, though there is no stopping the passing of time, she says. She is still very happy with the little piece of history she carries inside her body. “It’s kind of awesome to know that I was first,” she says.


In 1964, the French company Laboratoires Arion developed and manufactured the saline breast implant, filled with saline solution, and then introduced for use as a medical device in 1964. The significance began to hit home when Cronin presented the work at the International Society of Plastic Surgeons in Washington DC in 1963. “The plastic surgery world was absolutely set on fire with enthusiasm,” says Biggs. It was the decade in which Playboy magazine and Barbie launched.

Fun Facts

In the early days, they only had four choices or sizes – large, medium, small and petite. Now we have over 450 choices! It is 54 years since the first breast enlargement using silicone implants. Today breast augmentation rates as one of the most popular form of cosmetic surgery worldwide, undergone by 1,348,197 women in 2014.
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Mothers everywhere are feeling the pressure to look like a supermodel weeks after welcoming their child to the world and turn to Mommy Makeovers. Many believe this mind set is due to our pop-culture. For example, Kim Kardashian, someone who is always in the spotlight bounced right back after her first child and was rumored to look even better than before her pregnancy. Dr. Diana Zuckerman, president of the National Research Center for Women & Families, describes this as “the trickledown effect”: “The most beautiful women are getting Mommy Makeovers to look even more beautiful, then having their photographs computer-enhanced, and the rest of us are left saying, ‘Why don’t I look that good?’” We say this with the intent to educate those that aren’t aware of the editing that goes on to make those in the public eye look picture perfect 24/7. It is best for mothers, and all patients, to go into cosmetic surgery with the end goal of increased confidence, self esteem and love for their body, not with the intent to look perfect. To find out the psychology behind women who choose cosmetic surgery after the baby please refer to the information below. Real Self surveyed mothers of all age ranges: 99.5% of them had work done after they had a child (or children) and 85% of them have had more than two kids.

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“so fresh and so clean clean”

Clean your house and tidy up before having your breast augmentation surgery with Mark A. Bishara, M.D. P.A. and his staff at The Paragon Plastic Surgery and Med Spa because we will be joining you for dinner! No, we won’t be joining you for dinner (unless you insist). We recommend cleaning your house before surgery because coming home to a dirty dishevelled house is not relaxing. Create your own serene environment, whatever that may entail, it doesn’t matter as long as you will be able to recover and relax. Nothing beats snuggling up in bed with fresh clean sheets!

Nightstand Necessities

For those that don’t know CVS and most other drug stores have a wall of one dollar priced items that are travel size. Use this wall to your advantage and stock up on little things that we usually keep in our purse or car. Think of all the items that you use on a daily basis and put them right in arms reach on the nightstand. Such items could include your favorite lip balms, lotions, gum or mints, tissues, water (for the adventurous – water with cucumber, lemon and mint leaves), tv remote, baby wipes to freshen up, smart phone, charger, magazines and books (self help books could be great, we all need some improvement)! FreeImages.com/RicardoVasquez.

Right In Arms Reach

Before breast augmentation surgery go around the house and see what you reach for on a daily or weekly basis. Keep your arms to your sides and see if you can still reach it, if the item is too high and your have to lift your arms up relatively high move it to a lower place. After surgery you won’t want to be raising your arms up over your head. So, pretend to make dinner or get ready for the day and bring those items to you!

“Plump” up the volume

Body pillows are available at most stores like Kohls or Target. Get a couple of these body pillows to have on both sides of you to prop up those arms (soft fuzzy pillow cases are available for these). In addition to those, prop a few regular pillows behind you or get a wedge type of pillow to help you sit at a 45 degree angle. Sitting at this angle and propping your arms up will help with bruising. FreeImages.com/Mdmartian.

Cocoa Butter

Once you have the clear all after your breast augmentation surgery to take showers, your skin will be tighter than usual and could start itching if you aren’t moisturizing properly. Be careful not to get the cocoa butter/moisturizing lotion of your choice near the incisions but you can apply this to the surrounding areas to help with the tightness and itching.

Child Care

Dr. Mark A. Bishara, M.D. P.A. and his staff at The Paragon Plastic Surgery and Med Spa have special places in their hearts for kids and animals of all kinds so we want to be sure their taken care of! If child care entails picking your daughter/son up from school, taking them to practice and stopping for a quick bite on the way home make sure that someone will be able to take care of these for a little while. It can take as much as two weeks before driving will feel comfortable again. Also, if child care is taking your hyper dog for an afternoon run/walk be sure to have someone do this until you fully recover. Walking should be fine after a couple weeks. Be careful holding the leash if your little guy/girl likes to pull! FreeImages.com/MehmetGoren. FreeImages.com/DanMitchell.


Very important topic for all of you fellow foodies! Make your meals ahead of time and store these away in the freezer (in a easy to reach place not above your head) so that you can easily reheat them. Little snack foods throughout the day are best. For the later weeks, stock up on the easy to cook favorites that you can do in your sleep (figuratively of course). Or, have your favorite delivery options saved in your smart phone! FreeImages.com/Rotorhead.

Feeling Peachy In No Time

The post operative combination of medications after your breast augmentation surgery can lead to you having constipation (I know, no one wants to talk about this) but you will be thankful later. Canned peaches, white grape juice or a high fiber based laxative like Metamucil will help alleviate this issue. FreeImages.com/Ecilaecila.


Ladies, we all know there’s nothing better than coming home and taking off your bra after a long day. I’m here to burst your bubble. After surgery your girls should be kept in the sports bra that your doctor provides you for the first month. After a month or two it is okay to wear sports bras of your choice as long as it supports you and doesn’t have underwire. After 6 months you should get the OK to go bra shopping and pick out the pretty bras that you’ve been itching to wear, until then, hold tight!

Ice ice baby

Have your ice packs ready (in an easy to reach place) in the freezer so when you get home they will be good and cold. Get 4 so you can use two at time and swap the room temperature ones out with the cold ones. The more flexible the ice pack the better so that you can form it to ice all areas and not just the top or side. Be sure to keep them on for 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off.

Comfortable Clothing

When you come home from your breast augmentation surgery you won’t want to be pulling anything over your head. Wear a button up loose fitting shirt to the surgery and easy to put on shorts (it’s okay if you look like you roam the streets for a couple weeks). Stock up on your boyfriend/husbands big button up shirts or go buy some soft comfy flannel ones!

Arnica Montana

No, I’m not instructing you to move to Montana! Arnica Montana is a pill that will help tremendously with bruising. It can be hard to find so get this ahead of time, it can usually be found in most drug stores or on Amazon for a cheaper price!


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