What is Geneveve?

Geneveve is a clinically-proven, single-session treatment for women that can safely and comfortably rejuvenate vaginal tissue and improve its responsiveness. Just like the skin on the rest of our bodies, vaginal tissue changes over time. When collagen support fibres lose their youthful strength and vitality, a feeling of looseness, especially around the vaginal opening, occurs.
Vaginal laxity is extremely common and can be caused by ageing, childbirth, genetics, and lifestyle. As a result of vaginal laxity, many women experience a loss of sexual sensation and satisfaction. The Geneveve treatment is a painless, non-surgical, single-session procedure performed by a cosmetic physician and is designed to treat vaginal laxity. This results in an increase in physical sensation during intercourse. It works at a cellular level to tighten the vaginal tissue gently and gradually.

How does Geneveve work?

Geneveve is a treatment that uses patented deep tissue heating and surface cooling to stimulate your body’s natural collagen formation process to generate healthy new collagen. This dual heating and cooling capability trigger the body’s own natural regenerative process that leads to new and stronger collagen while maintaining the patient’s safety and comfort.

Does it hurt?

The Geneveve treatment is not painful. Some patients report a cooling sensation, while others notice a warmth, but virtually all agree that is both painless and comfortable.

What results can I expect?

It is important to note that every patient is different. Some patients report feeling an immediate difference, but new collagen takes about three months to develop and may continue to improve after that time. Results will vary from patient to patient based on their individual needs and their body’s unique ability to produce collagen, but on average patients are still feeling their results at 12 months. With the doctor’s help, you can decide at this point whether or not you are ready for a maintenance treatment or if you’re still experiencing great results and can wait.